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Many entrepreneurs overcome the challenges of starting a new business only to learn that scaling one is even more difficult.

While every business is unique, all face similar challenges in scaling when it comes to hiring staff, entering new markets, and managing their growing business.

Join the spring 2020 cohort. 

This cohort-based peer-to-peer program helps founders and leaders of growing technology based companies address their challenges in a group coaching setting. Get support from mentors and peers while building a community of growing technology firms.

You are:

To apply for membership, you should be able to meet the following requirements:

  • Be an Alberta-based technology company. 
  • You are a founder or C-Suite level leader of the organization.
  • The company operated for at least two years.
  • The business generated at least $500,000 in revenues in the past fiscal year.
  • You are willing to commit to the program dates.

What’s Included:

TEC Thrive provides the opportunity for founders scaling their technology-based businesses to:

  • Network with a community of technology entrepreneurs.
  • Learn from peers.
  • Learn from subject-matter experts in sales, marketing, legal, operations, human resources and finance.
  • Have critical conversations in a safe and expert environment.

You get:

TEC Thrive offers peer to peer mentoring sessions one morning per month to address common issues heard that month by the project lead. Each company will receive one individual coaching session by the executive coach.

  1. The cohort group meets monthly at the TEC Innovation District.
  2. Individual one-on-one monthly coaching sessions by email and phone. 
  3. Access to TEC Center meeting rooms.


$299/month + GST

Participants sign a one-year contract with the option of 60 days notice for termination and pay fees to the program on a quarterly basis.

How to apply

Step 1: Complete the application form below. Deadline to apply is February 28, 2020.

Step 2: You will be contacted within one week by a member of the TEC Edmonton team.

Questions? Contact:
Shelley McDonald:

“TEC Thrive has been such a huge opportunity for myself and my company. Not only did it allow me to meet like minded entrepreneurs and create new opportunities, it gave me the space to share the unique challenges we all face as business leaders with a group of like minded people. The opportunities within this group are endless.”

– Jeremy Crossman

“TEC Thrive helps company founders in a peer to peer group setting on business topics that all companies must master in order to grow. TEC Thrive has made a huge impact on me, and my business. I don’t know where I’d be without Kurian. If you’re a tech founder, you can’t be without this resource.”

– Shawn Larkin

“I really enjoy Thrive because we do REAL talk, sharing real stories and experiences of the entrepreneur’s life, the good, bad, ugly and rewarding.
Kurian always leads a lively discussion and brings in interesting people from the business world to share, encourage and laugh. It’s a relaxed comfortable time to learn from experiences in an atmosphere of give and take.”

– Douglas Cole

“In my two years as a member of TEC Thrive I learned many different strategies to help me grow and improve my business. The interaction and discussion with other business owners experiencing the same challenges as me was invaluable.”

– Lorne Carson

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