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Your technology’s been proven in an academic lab⎯now you want it adopted into the healthcare system. As a member of the DynaLIFE Accelerator, you will get the support you need to complete that last mile of development and validation in a real-world setting.

What you get:

  • Access to clinical samples
  • Dedicated lab space
  • Personalized mentorship
  • Access to unique funding opportunities
  • Involvement from Alberta Health Services, DynaLIFE and other members of the innovation ecosystem

The DynaLIFE Accelerator provides a managed program focused on getting new technologies validated in a real-world diagnostics laboratory.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Access to clinical samples for validation of the new diagnostic.
  • Mentorship from DynaLIFE to ensure the new diagnostic is optimized for workflow in a real laboratory setting.
  • Mentorship from TEC Edmonton, DynaLIFE, and strategic partners.
  • Access to unique funding programs, including government funds and strategic investments from foundation partners or multi-national enterprises (on a per project basis).
  • Lab space with DynaLIFE.
  • Additional connections to the University of Alberta, NAIT and other external service providers to complete product development or specialized facilities as needed.
  • Connections to investors if appropriate.

Companies with proven diagnostic technologies are eligible to apply. Technology readiness level 7 (prototype demonstration) is preferred. Companies must be able to benefit from access to DynaLIFE and clinical samples.

There are no regional requirements for applicants, although preference is given to companies that will maintain a presence within the Edmonton-based incubator space. For companies outside of Edmonton, some explanation of the need/use/benefits from DynaLIFE will be required.

Accepted participants will be in the program for 12-month renewable increments.

Funding will be project specific. The DynaLIFE Accelerator will work to secure funds from government sources (some pre-committed to program), Strategic multi-national enterprises and targeted foundations. The aim of the accelerator will be to bring approximately $500,000 of funding per company project, but funding is not guaranteed.

Do participants have to be based in Edmonton or Alberta?

There are no regional requirements for applicants, although preference is given to companies that will maintain a presence within the Edmonton-based accelerator space.

Applicants will be assessed in the following categories:

  • Scientific excellence, merit and experience
  • Novelty of the science/technology
  • Technological impact
  • The quality of the team leading the opportunity
  • Business expertise
  • Coachability
  • The growth and overall potential of the opportunity
  • Clinical need for the diagnostic test
  • Scalability
  • Strength of business model
  • Need for clinical validation, samples
  • Strong intellectual property
  • Clear regulatory pathway
  • Financial strength
  • Clear funding strategy
  • Alignment with industry interests (point of care, molecular diagnostics, immunoassays, multiplexed/multi-parameter testing, infectious disease, early cancer diagnostics)

How to apply

Step 1: Complete the application form linked below.

Step 2: You will be contacted within two business days by a member of the selection committee.

Questions? Contact:
Darrell Petras

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