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Researchers, entrepreneurs, innovators and early-stage technology companies each require different resources and services to succeed.

When you come to TEC, we’ll use our extensive expertise and network to help you advance.

Your Journey at TEC Edmonton starts with an assessment and leads to a roadmap for how to access what you need.

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Shared cost or fee for service

Incubation space

Regulatory strategy

Market research

Executive coaching

Corporate structure

Business planning

Market development

Intellectual property strategy (non-University of Alberta)

Intellectual Property and Technology Assessments

We help you determine if your invention has commercial potential and can be copyright or patent protected. Once protected, TEC can help you determine your best route to commercialization.

Patent, Trademark and Copyright Evaluation

We will assess your technology and work closely with you to understand your technology and determine how it fits in the existing landscape.

Intellectual Property Strategy, Protection and Licensing

We will collaborate with you and our network of professional patent law firms to determine the best strategies for you to protect your intellectual property.

Licensing and Commercialization

We will help you engage industry and pursue options for successful commercialization. We can help you draft and negotiate IP and business agreements.

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Technology Management at the University of Alberta

Our Technology Management team are experts on commercialization options and University of Alberta policies as they pertain to IP developed by University staff and students.

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