Get Your Company Investment-Ready

To be successful, entrepreneurs need capital. Valhalla Angels provides support and education to help companies get investment-ready.

Valhalla Angels drives innovation and economic return to the region by providing entrepreneurs with pitch training and events, and access to a network of angel and venture capital investors.

Bringing Entrepreneurs and Investors Together

Valhalla Angels is one of Canada’s most active angel investment group with investments made across in Canada and around the globe. Since its establishment in 2003, Valhalla Angels has members with backgrounds in biotech, real estate, oil & gas, health & life sciences, hospitality & transportation, and information & communications technologies.
Valhalla Angels provides one of the best deal intake processes with one-on-one coaching, a diverse deal screening team and ongoing feedback to assist in strong success rates for investment. In 2017, over 35 percent of presenting companies received funding, and a total of $9.7M was raised.

Want to Know More?

Interested in learning more about one of Canada’s leading angel investment groups? Visit the Valhalla Angels website today.

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Kristina Milke

Kristina Milke

President, Valhalla Angels

TEC Edmonton and the Valhalla Angels have a joint venture to help companies obtain angel capital.

(780) 248-5886

Ryan Heit

Ryan Heit

Director, Merck Invention Accelerator & Deal Flow Organizer, TEC Valhalla Angels

Ryan guides the tenant companies through the accelerator and with their interactions with Merck.

(780) 264-4295