Bring Your Product to Market

For many small business owners, getting a great idea to market is an overwhelming task. Developing your product or service, testing it, and turning your great idea into a successful business are just the beginning of your journey. To help small business owners navigate this adventure, TEC Edmonton, and Innovate Calgary, in partnership with Emissions Reduction Alberta, developed this series to guide entrepreneurs through business concepts you should know, and why they are so important to the success of your business. Please note that this is a pilot launch and feedback is greatly encouraged and appreciated.

Series Overview

To ensure you can learn this information easily, we have divided this series into five modules with 6-8 lessons per module. Each lesson is between six and fifteen minutes and the series has a building block structure.

Module 1


Launch offers an overview of the early stage considerations that a small businesses needs to be aware of when bringing a product or service to market.
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Module 2


Entry provides an outline of business activities that small businesses need to reflect and address during that exciting time when your business enters the market.
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Module 3


Expansion delivers a wide range of topics for small business owners to explore when expanding their business into new markets and / or to new customers.
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Module 4


Growth brings small business owners the opportunity to look at a variety of complex activities that are required when a small business is growing.
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Module 5


Demonstration provides small business owners an overview of how to initiate and plan projects when testing preliminary product desirability in the marketplace.
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4-part Video Series on Sales and Marketing

How Deep Customer Insights Boosted Timberland’s Flagging Sales

Using a real-world case study featuring one of the most iconic brands in clothing (Timberland), TEC Executive-in-Residence Kurian Tharakan shows how this clothing giant leveraged the motives, needs, wants and desires of their core customer.

Multi-point Marketing Campaigns

This video demonstrates how an $8,500 investment was turned into $180,000 in sales by using a 5-point marketing campaign.

Marketing Tip: Branding

Kurian Tharakan demonstrates how one company rocketed its brand to first place overnight with this simple trick from the advertising industry, and became one of the most iconic brands in advertising history (Marlboro).

A Simple Pricing Strategy to Increase Your Revenues

Your pricing strategy is a crucial decision and one that involves a deep understanding of your customer’s psychology. This video demonstrates that almost everyone can be swayed in their decision making with simple pricing cues.

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