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Intellectual Property and Commercialization with TEC

Ready to bring your product or service to the marketplace? It’s time to commercialize. Here is a handy guide of steps you might go through and questions you’ll need to consider when commercializing. Not quite ready yet?

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You're ready to Commercialize.

You’re considering commercialization of your research. Here are a few things you’ll need to consider along the way.


Question 1

Who will you assign the intellectual property (IP) to?

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I’ll transfer rights through the University.

I will independently keep IP ownership.

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Great work!
Whether you choose independent IP ownership or to go through the UAlberta, now it’s time to decide whether to license to an existing company or create your own company.

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Step 2

Will you license or create a spinoff company?

Step 2

Will you license or create a spinoff company?

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I’ll license via TEC Edmonton.

I’ll license at investor's cost.

I’ll create a spinoff company.

You may choose to create a spinoff company as a way to commercialize the invention instead of a licensing agreement with an existing company.

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Moving on!
Looks like you’re interested in creating a spin off — fantastic, you’re almost there. Now we need to determine the structure of the deal you’ll make.

TEC Deal

Step 3

What type of deal do I need?

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A more complicated deal requiring customized negotiation that can contain both equity and royalty.


A less complex deal with standardized terms for quick completion.

TEC Structure

Question 4

How is the deal structured?

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Royalty Deal structure.

Equity Deal structure.

All done!
Congratulations, you’re all set to begin making profit from your product or service. Of course TEC is always still here to help you out.

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