Neuraura’s mission is to improve the lives of billions of people by improving the diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of neurological, psychiatric and sensor conditions as the sensor at the heart of every brain implant device. Neuraura’s micro electrodes are significantly more precise for recording and stimulation.

Neuraura’s initial clinical application is a brain monitoring platform for epilepsy surgery that will improve patient experience, enhance the information available to clinicians, minimize surgical risk and reduce the cost of patient care.

Fast Facts:

  • Winner of the TENETi2c competition (2018).
  • Represented Canada at the 2018 Falling Walls international competition in Berlin, Germany (2018).
  • Creative Destruction Lab and Centech Acceleration program graduate (2018).
  • BCF IMAGINE program participate (2019).
  • Winner of the AccelerateAB, Volition Pitch Night YYC, Inventure$ and Fundica pitch competition (2019).
  • Finalist of Pitch@Palace Canada (2019).

TEC Edmonton’s influence:

  • Participation in the TEC Health Accelerator program.
  • Market assessment.