Lifestyle factors play a significant role when determining where to live. When purchasing or renting a home, there are a lot of factors to consider – the neighbourhood, access to amenities, budget, proximity to work and more. By leveraging big data, analytics and data mining, TruHome streamlines the home hunting process making it easier for both buyers and agents.

How it works

Partners Elisse and Roberto Moreno begin the approach by asking their clients personalized questions to learn more about who they are, what their life is like and what is important to them. From there, the team uses TruData to pinpoint the homes that fits the clients’ lifestyle.

Working with TEC Edmonton

With 14 years of entrepreneurship at Redman Technologies under their belt, Elisse and Roberto launched TruHome in late 2015. Even the experienced entrepreneurs knew they needed an extra set of hands and a new perspective to meet their business goals.

With combined experience in both the software space and the Edmonton real estate market, Executive in Residence Shaheel Hooda began working closely with Elisse and Roberto to determine what was needed. After an initial assessment, it was clear that TruHome needed assistance with:

  1. Market assessment
  2. Competitive analysis
  3. Business strategy
  4. Investor pitching

Next steps

After three years of focusing on those key areas, TruHome is now successfully generating revenue and continues to grow each year. They recently brought on another agent and launched an in-house artificial intelligence software called Gabbi.AI – a super-intelligent real estate assistant who takes on many time-consuming administrative tasks such as keeping a timeline of communications and even booking showings. This allows agents to focus more on clients.

So what’s next for the young company? Elisse and Roberto hope to expand their team to five agents in the next 12 months and are going to continue promoting and further developing their new AI technology.

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