Navigating healthcare and insurance systems is known to be a complicated, time-consuming process for anyone, but it’s made worse if a short or long-term disability prevents a patient from going back to work. Phone calls, faxes, and emails fly between multiple parties in an attempt to ultimately connect the patient with a care provider. This was the accepted method for a long time, until the team at Trioova recognized an opportunity to streamline it.

Trioova Screen Shot


A digital healthcare solutions platform, Trioova simplifies communications between disability insurance companies and healthcare providers like physiotherapy or occupational therapy, for example. The software facilitates efficient communications between the two entities, making it easy to send and receive electronic referrals for patients.

“People don’t realize how many touch points there are as a result of someone getting injured,” explains Trioova CEO Luke Butterworth. “There’s no centralized database of providers, which means people are just using search engines.”

With Trioova, the disability insurance manager uses a digital dashboard to record all referrals, as well as send them. The cloud-based system can be accessed from any device, and doesn’t require a software download.

“When people think of insurance, they don’t think of innovation,” says Trioova CMO (Chief Medical Officer) Michael Bildersheim. “But a few companies are accepting of innovations, which means this is a perfect time to come in.”

“Insurance plays an integral role in the health of our Canadian workforce,” says Trioova COO Adam Simmons. “Bringing innovations to disability insurance can significantly improve a loved one’s recovery experience while off work.”

Each member of Trioova’s three-person team has direct experience with the healthcare system, either from the clinic side or insurance side, and has dealt with the aforementioned inefficiencies firsthand. Adam works directly within the insurance industry and also brings rehabilitation experience from healthcare. Both Luke and Michael are MBA candidates at the University of Alberta (Luke is in the full time cohort, and Michael is in the MD/MBA combined program), and nurtured Trioova into a business with the help of eHUB, the University of Alberta’s on-campus centre for entrepreneurship.

At the moment, Trioova is one of the first companies to make a home of TEC Innovation District on the main floor of Enterprise Square, but the team’s relationship with TEC Edmonton began with attending TEC lunch and learns and VenturePrize seminars. “We met people, and got some good advice before incorporating,” explains Luke.

Some of the team’s goals for their six-month tenure in the Innovation District are to fully prove the concept with a pilot program, as well as expand the team by bringing on more graduate students to help with day-to-day operations.

Beyond that, the Trioova team plans to fully launch into the healthcare system with the goal of widespread adoption of both insurance companies and care providers.

Both Luke and Michael credit a large part of their success to Trioova’s seven-member advisory board: “We’ve drawn a lot of information and direction from them,” explains Luke. “They’ve provided us with a lot of support.”

Through their journey, the Trioova team hasn’t lost sight of its ultimate goal to remove healthcare barriers so patients are able to get the care they need to get back to work. We think they’re well on their way.