The Tevosol team after winning the DynaLife Health Stream at the 15th VenturePrize Awards

A patent acceptance in the US is the most recent reason to celebrate after a year of successes for Tevosol, a medical device company aiming to increase the number of viable donated organs worldwide. In the last 12 months, Tevosol secured $2 million in financing, won the DynaLIFE Health Stream at the VenturePrize awards, and protected its technology in the US.

Tevosol’s proprietary medical device keeps donated vital organs like hearts and lungs, warm and supplied with oxygen as if they were still in the body, extending the “ex-vivo” (out of body) viability of the organs. The device also resuscitates organs deemed unsuitable, and allows assessment of transplant suitability which has the potential to double or triple the number of available donor organs worldwide.

The recently accepted patent refers to Tevosol’s heart device, and protects the core technology that provides a functional assessment of organs for viability.

A key element to the device (and the patent) is the way the dual centrifugal pumps work. “The proprietary configuration of the pumps is essential to put the heart into functional working mode, and to the ability to assess the quality of the organ,” explains Tevosol CEO Kevin Ens. “That’s the unique way we do things that our competitors are not.”

The company is developing a clinical device incorporating the technology that covers the patent. Kevin expects to have a beta version developed by late 2019, and estimates a Canadian market launch by 2021, and a US launch one year later.

“This is the first foundational patent for us,” says Kevin. “Assuming other applications are granted, we would expect another patent to be issued extending IP protection to different organs, and more patent families that add protection for our other technology. This one is key.”

Tevosol has been a TEC Edmonton client since the beginning of the company’s original business plan in 2014. TEC’s business development services accelerated Tevosol’s growth into an independent company through assistance with market assessment, business planning, patenting, and intellectual property (IP) protection. Tevosol is a TEC Centre tenant, operating out of Enterprise Square in downtown Edmonton.