TEC Edmonton’s Technology Management team offers expert advice on intellectual property matters which often lead to new patents, licensing agreements and company spin-offs.


Optimization of a yeast platform for biosynthesis of hexadecanol and octadecanol

The Technology Management team has helped Dr. David Stuart secure a $125,000 NSERC I2I phase I grant entitled “Optimization of a yeast platform for biosynthesis of hexadecanol and octadecanol.”

The grant will fund scale up of a fermentation platform for producing fatty alcohols from carbohydrates using genetically-engineered yeast. At present, fatty alcohols are produced primarily from palm oil in Asia and are used in a wide variety of consumer products. This technology may offer a reliable, greener, and cost-competitive source of fatty alcohols.



Method of Fabricating Nano-Tips with Controlled Profile
U.S. Patent No. 9,102,190

Dr. Robert Wolkow of the University of Alberta’s Department of Physics and of Canada’s National Institute for Nanotechnology received an issued U.S. patent on August 11, 2015.

U.S. Patent No. 9,102,190 entitled “Method of Fabricating Nano-Tips with Controlled Profile” describes a novel method of fabricating a nanotip to be used in scanning probe microscopy applications such as scanning tunneling or atom force microscopy.

These tips are essential for the imaging and machining of nanotechnology devices for applications in the semiconductor industry such as computing and micro-electronics.