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Microelectrode technologies for neural interfaces
University of Alberta researcher: Dr. Anastasia Elias (Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, Faculty of Engineering), Dr. Vivian Mushahwar (Division of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry)

In collaboration with the Technology Management team, Dr. Anastasia Elias and Dr. Vivian Mushahwar were successfully awarded a $122,000 NSERC I2I phase I grant entitled “Microelectrode technologies for neural interfaces”.

The funding will facilitate continued developed of a novel flexible base electrode array that can be implanted into the human body and communicate electrically with the nervous system.

Electrical stimulation using implantable devices has been used as a viable treatment option for many patients in a diverse variety of therapeutic indications. The present electrode array is expected to display better tissue compatibility, enabling safer implantation in delicate neural tissue such as the spinal cord.

Such treatments may eventually restore the ability to stand, walk, reach, and grasp in patients with spinal cord injury.