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thurakan_eirKurian Tharakan
Executive in Residence, TEC Edmonton

With over 27 years of sales & marketing experience, Kurian is a senior member of the sales & marketing strategy firm StrategyPeak, and has consulted for companies in many industries. Prior to StrategyPeak, Kurian was VP sales & marketing for an Alberta software firm with sales to several members of the US Fortune 500. Previous to his software experience, Kurian was sales and marketing director for the Alberta division of an international professional services firm.

4-part video series on sales and marketing:

How Deep Customer Insights Boosted Timberland’s Flagging Sales
Using a real-world case study featuring one of the most iconic brands in clothing (Timberland), TEC Executive-in-Residence Kurian Tharakan shows how this clothing giant leveraged the motives, needs, wants and desires of their core customer.

Multi-point Marketing Campaigns
This video demonstrates how an $8,500 investment was turned into $180,000 in sales by using a 5-point marketing campaign.

Marketing Tip: Branding
Kurian Tharakan demonstrates how one company rocketed its brand to first place overnight with this simple trick from the advertising industry, and became one of the most iconic brands in advertising history (Marlboro).

A Simple Pricing Strategy to Increase Your Revenues
Your pricing strategy is a crucial decision and one that involves a deep understanding of your customer’s psychology. This video demonstrates that almost everyone can be swayed in their decision making with simple pricing cues.

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