TEC Edmonton clients and TEC Edmonton itself have been much in the news of late.

Global Edmonton’s GameChangers, a monthly TV feature on Edmonton, Alberta, Canada entrepreneurs developed and hosted by Global Edmonton personality Shaye Ganam, has since March 2015 highlighted three TEC Edmonton clients and/or TEC VenturePrize business competition winners. The bold Edmonton-based entrepreneurs behind Localize Your Food, LoginRadius and Alieo Games have been celebrated on GameChangers.

The latest edition of Insights Magazine (spring, 2015), published by the Canadian biotechnology industry association BIOTECanada, ran a major story of TEC Edmonton’s new TEC Health Accelerator initiative, an excellent description of the scope and ambition of a vital Edmonton economic development initiative. It’s entitled “No Small Goal: TEC Edmonton wants to make Alberta a world leader in healthcare innovation.”

TEC Edmonton CEO Chris Lumb was extensively quoted in a Globe and Mail business story by Tavia Grant, first published on Friday, May 29, 2015, entitled “Canadian entrepreneurship on the rise but many firms struggle to grow“. The print edition of the story was illustrated by a photograph of staff hard at work at LoginRadius a successful IT company and TEC Edmonton client operating out of the TEC Centre in downtown Edmonton.

The TEC Health Accelerator was again highlighted as part of a Hicks on Biz business column in the Edmonton Sun on June 5, 2015, about Gilead Sciences drug-rampup division in Edmonton that will shortly grow to employ 430 scientists and is spending $200 million to construct new labs. The story explains the progression of ground-breaking chemistry at the University of Alberta by Dr. Ray Lemieux in the early ’60s leading to Gilead’s presence and economic impact on Edmonton today. title is Gilead Sciences’ success in Edmonton underscored by city predecessors

Finally, the principals of TEC VenturePrize 2015 winner Sensassure have made a series of YouTube videos detailing their day-by-day experience as they live in an extended care home in order to gain first-hand experience to improve their incontinence management product. Sensassure uses a wireless sensor to detect moisture levels in adult incontinence padding – a device that will both save much attendant time during “check ‘n’ change” rounds, and provide faster relief for those actually suffering incontinence in extended care situations