TEC client and University of Alberta spin-off company VaxAlta recently announced the publication of their research in the May 25, 2016 issue of Nature Scientific Reports. Jason Ding, Acting CFO of VaxAlta, is also an Executive-in-Residence of TEC and the Director of the TEC Health Accelerator program.

Full Press Release:

VaxAlta Inc. Announces Publication of Research on Campylobacterjejuni chicken vaccine in Nature Scientific Reports

EDMONTON, (June 6, 2016) – VaxAlta Inc. (“VaxAlta”) reported today that Dr. Christine Szymanski and her colleagues at the University of Alberta together with Delta Genomics in Edmonton, Canada published the results of their work testing a glycoconjugate vaccine in chickens and examining the population shifts of the poultry microbiota. The paper, entitled “Engineering the Campylobacter jejuni N-glycan to create an effective chicken vaccine” appeared online in the May 25, 2016 issue of Nature Scientific Reports.

Vaccination of chickens with a protein-based or E. coli displayed glycoconjugate showed up to 10-log reduction in C. jejuni colonization and induced N-glycan specific IgY responses.  Also, the live E. coli vaccine was cleared prior to C. jejuni challenge and no selection for resistant campylobacter variants was observed. Analyses of the chicken gut microbiota revealed that the live vaccine did not alter the composition or complexity of the bacterial populations, thus providing an effective and low-cost strategy to reduce C. jejuni in chickens and its subsequent entry into the food chain.

“The results of Dr. Szymanski’s work demonstrates that glycoconjugate vaccines can be effectively used to reduce, or potentially eliminate, bacterial pathogens that impact animal health and human food safety,” said Jason Ding, Acting CFO of VaxAlta, a leading vaccine research and development company based in Edmonton. “Our collaborators and supporters were critical to the success of this work, and we want to thank Delta Genomics, the Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency, and the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) for their support.”


Jason Ding, Acting CFO
VaxAlta Inc.


About VaxAlta Inc.

VaxAlta is a leading glycoconjugate vaccine research and development company based in Edmonton, Alberta. Founded in 2013, the company is focused on developing sugar-based, effective, affordable, and easy to administer livestock vaccines that eliminate the use of antibiotics.

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