Not very many people can say they’ve gotten a shoutout from the leader of their country. A TEC Edmonton client, the Canada Learning Initiative in China, was recently recognized by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a joint statement between Canada and the People’s Republic of China as a result of Premier Li Keqiang’s official visit to Canada from September 21 to 24.

The purpose of the visit was overall to strengthen the relationship between Canada and China. The visit resulted in a series of signed agreements, which can be read in full here. One of the agreements involves the expansion of the Canada Learning Initiative in China (CLIC) program, a partnership that helps Canadian students gain experience in China as a part of their degree program. Although its main office is located in Edmonton, CLIC is a collaboration between six Canadian universities across the country and the Chinese Ministry of Education.

There is a significantly higher number of Chinese students studying abroad in Canada than there are Canadian students studying in China, and CLIC exists to try and close this gap. With approximately 4,000 Canadian students per year travelling to China to study, CLIC’s goal is to eventually increase this number to 100,000. CLIC makes studying abroad accessible by offering Canadian students fully-funded opportunities to study in China, allowing students to earn degree credits while being immersed in another culture.

CLIC believes it’s important for Canadian students to study in China in order for them to get to know the country’s history and culture, as well as understand Canada’s increasingly important relationship with China as a partner in trade, technology, and culture.

TEC Edmonton’s Business Development team and Executive in Residence Jim Armstrong assisted CLIC during its launch and pilot process, as well as building its website, and developing its visual identity.

For more information on CLIC, visit their website.