01There’s nothing like a sales pitch with a highly-prized gorilla by your side.

When TEC Centre tenant OneBridge Solutions Inc. visits its pipeline clients or potential clients, it has a mighty partner.

OneBridge, a subsidiary of OneSoft Solutions in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is one of 10 companies selected by Microsoft to partner in the multinational technology company’s Ventures Accelerator in Seattle Program.

The accelerator program has a deliberate objective of disrupting current IT technology with state-of-the-art Big Data and Machine Learning using Microsoft’s new cloud technology platform.

The Microsoft team developed the backroom computer management architecture to handle and coordinate enormous data sets for specific business sectors.

In the fall of 2015, Microsoft invited companies from around the world to submit proposals on using such formidable computing infrastructure under the broad Ventures’ Accelerator theme, “Machine Learning and Data Science”.

The select few chosen would participate in Microsoft’s four-month mentorship program assisting in the  challenges of launching a company, creating new disruptive applications, finding early-adopter customers, showcasing the companies to new investor groups and expanding to global markets.

The chosen ones would access Microsoft’s software-as-a-service (“SaaS”), all hosted on Azure, Microsoft’s world-wide network of computer servers.

OneBridge Solutions was among 2500 companies submitting proposals for the Microsoft Machine Learning and Data Science Ventures Accelerator program.

Microsoft winnowed the applications down, investigated 721 applicants from 50 countries, and ultimately settled on 10 companies.

OneBridge Solutions Inc. – a subsidiary of the OneSoft company here in Edmonton – was one of the chosen 10.

Having Microsoft as an active partner, singing your praises and offering extensive support, is quite the leg up in selling one’s company to both investors and customers.

OneBridge Solutions provides comprehensive pipeline information for pipeline managers, including public awareness, integrity management and risk management. OneBridge is now using the wondrous machine learning and data sciences capability of Microsoft’s new cloud technologies and Azure computing infrastructure to provide those services.

In safety,  preventive  and emergency measures, the accurate, up-to-the-minute data needed for informed decisions is instantly available. All players can quickly understand and access critical information, thanks to the thousands of factors not previously available in such a quick and integrated fashion.

OneBridge is still in its early days but has already – thanks in part to the Microsoft association – attracted the interest of major pipeline companies, some of which are acting as beta prototypes.

OneBridge’s services are available on a subscription basis.  The company uses the computer infrastructure of its parent company OneSoft Solutions Inc. and Microsoft – “their data, our platform,” says Dwayne Kushniruk, CEO of OneSoft.

Kushniruk is projecting break-even for the project and company within two years.  As a publicly traded company, OneSoft raised $1 million in 2015, and another $1 million-dollar financing is currently underway. The employee roster of the Edmonton-based company is expected to double in the next year or two, in addition to an off-shore development team.

“It would be difficult for competitors to match our capabilities with legacy systems,” says Kushniruk. “There’s only one Microsoft Cloud, and we are fortunate to have been an early adopter of that technology.”

TEC Edmonton, as part of its mandate to assist Alberta’s start-up or ramp-up technology-based companies, is happy to have provided the office space and other services in the TEC Centre to help OneBridge/OneSoft  get to where it is today.