woman with device mobili-T

For patients who often have trouble swallowing after treatment for head and neck cancer, True Angle Medical Technologies Inc. (True Angle) created a device that’s affixed under the chin. The device has sensors to monitor the activity of muscles and offers real-time feedback, via a smartphone app, to complete exercises.

“With the assistance of TEC Edmonton, True Angle has a license to patent pending technology, has conducted extensive product development work and has received serious interest from investors.”

– Jana Rieger, PhD, MSc, BSc, professor, faculty of rehabilitation medicine, University of Alberta

 Fast Facts:

  • True Angle is a University of Alberta/Covenant Health spin-off company founded by University of Alberta professor, Jana Rieger with the faculty of rehabilitation medicine.
  • Mobili-T was developed at the University of Alberta and the Institute for Reconstructive Science in Medicine, a joint venture between the University of Alberta, Alberta Health Services and Covenant Health.

 TEC Edmonton’s influence:

  • Intellectual property assessment, patenting and spin-off company agreements.
  • Regulatory guidance, business strategy.