Nimble is developing an ingestible capsule to diagnose gastrointestinal disorders (GI). The capsule passes through the GI collecting a sample from the small intestine autonomously. Nimble’s capsule can provide direct gut sampling without the need for endoscopy which is expensive and time consuming. It also reduces the need for fecal sampling or breath testing, which is often inaccurate.

The initial focus is identifying the clinical applications of the capsule technology, including several digestive diseases and systemic diseases.

“TEC Edmonton’s guidance gave us a clearer understanding of the target market and go-to-market strategy. We specifically benefitted from research related to U.S. reimbursement and pricing.” 

 Joseph Wang, CEO, Nimble

Fast Facts:

  • Creative Destruction Lab program participant (2018-2019).

TEC Edmonton’s influence:

  • Action Plan phase 1.
  • Action Plan phase 2.
  • TEC Coach.