This week, a group of students from the University of Alberta WISEST Summer Research Program took a tour of the TEC Centre facilities at Enterprise Square. The high school students met with TEC clients and researchers while learning about the possibilities of a career in science, technology and engineering.


The WISEST Summer Research Program is for both male and female students who have completed grade 11 and through the program, get an opportunity to work as paid research assistants in a field that is non-traditional for their gender (women in engineering and men in nursing, for example), for the months of July and August.

They kicked off the tour by visiting the CanBiocin lab, where the students learned how CanBiocin develops lactic acid bacteria for use in food safety (like preventing listeria), agriculture, and health.


Next up was Exciton, where the group toured the lab and manufacturing facility, and learned how Exciton’s line of silver-based wound care products help prevent and manage infection. When one of the students asked if the products are expensive to produce, the Exciton representative explained how the products are more cost-effective because they don’t require the same quantity of silver as similar dressings.


At the Extraordinary Adsorbents lab, the group learned about the company’s separation materials for rare gas concentration, oxygen generation from air, nitrogen-methane separations, and low energy gas drying.

Finally, at Delta Genomics, the students learned about their biobanking, genotyping, and sequencing services for members of both the livestock industry and livestock research community.

The WISEST group ended the tour having broadened their awareness of career opportunities in science, research, and technology fields, and the next generation of researchers were sent off armed with TEC hats.


TEC Edmonton’s TEC Centre provides office, laboratory and small-scale manufacturing space to eligible early-stage clients, along with easy and convenient access to TEC experts and services. If you are interested in booking a group tour of the TEC Centre facility, contact us.