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MessagingDirect Ltd. (MDL) is an end-to-end messaging and customer communications management technology company for financial services organizations. Their CORE360 software product issued by large banks and financial service providers to deliver electronic communications to their customers such as bank and credit card statements, notifications and fraud alerts. With a small number of very large clients, MDL was looking to gain exposure in the customer communications market. MDL CEO, Mark Miller joined TEC Thrive in 2017 to get advice and mentoring on how to improve its market share with a goal of growing the company. With the assistance of TEC Thrive, Miller developed marketing materials and implemented a new website, which led to the company getting more attention. In early 2019, Miller was approached by Doxim, a company that enables customer communications for financial and regulated industries to acquire MessagingDirect. Through the mentorship at TEC Thrive, Miller developed effective presentation materials that positively positioned MessagingDirect to Doxim. This was incredibly important as MDL worked through the due diligence phase of the acquisition. In March of 2019, Doxim acquired MessagingDirect. MDL’s CORE360 software is now being integrated with the Doxim software as a service (SaaS) solution and MDL is seeing an incredible amount of opportunity for the future of its software and employees, which are based out of the Edmonton region.


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