Advancing the success of emerging health technologies to save and improve lives globally.

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For health sciences entrepreneurs with a novel breakthrough innovation.

For early-stage pharmaceutical or health technology companies looking to reach their next milestones.

Get personalized expert input from a global pharmaceutical company to help develop your novel scientific invention or technology.

Welcome to MerckInvents@ TEC Edmonton.

Located in the heart of Edmonton’s innovation district, MerckInvents@ TEC Edmonton was designed to help maximize the success of emerging health technologies.

What you get


  • Scientific and business input from Merck Research Laboratory experts and mentorship from the TEC Health Accelerator program to help build, grow and scale your technology.
  • If you are a successful applicant, you will receive mentorship from TEC Edmonton and from dedicated project champions at Merck. You will not give up equity or any commercial rights; however, we will expect you commit appropriate time and internal resources.


  • Common office and research space at TEC Edmonton with direct access to all University of Alberta facilities.


  • Each company accepted into the program will be eligible for funding to support the advancement of their technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

• Create collaborations between Merck and early-stage companies.

• Provide space, mentoring and financial support.

• Foster an innovation culture.

• Advance health-related technologies from Alberta, Canada, and beyond

  • Access to TEC Edmonton and TEC Health Accelerator services, including business support, investor connections, competitive intelligence and local educational and networking events.
  • Mentoring from Merck Research Labs scientists and business development leads, as appropriate.
  • Connections to Merck Venture Capital and/or business development contacts, as appropriate.
  • Office and lab space located at TEC Edmonton.
  • Access to University of Alberta core facilities and equipment.
  • Other external service providers as appropriate.

Accepted participants will be in the program for 12-month renewable increments.

Funding support is based on units of $25K and may include one or more units per participant. Funding units can be used for business services, location costs, facility access, travel and more.

  • All scientific entrepreneurs with a healthcare innovation focus are eligible, with no limitations on company size or structure. However, the program is best suited to small enterprises or scientific researchers planning to bring their technology to patients or healthcare providers.
  • There are no regional requirements for applicants, although preference is given to companies that will maintain a presence within the Edmonton-based incubator space.
  • Preference is given to applicants that align with Merck’s current research and development goals (therapeutics, vaccines, companion diagnostics and digital health).

There are no regional requirements for applicants, although preference is given to companies that will maintain a presence within the Edmonton-based incubator space.

Applicants will be assessed in the following categories:

  • Scientific excellence
    • Technological impact
    • Scientific merit
  • Quality of the team
    • Scientific experience
    • Business expertise
  • Growth potential
    • Clinical need
    • Scalability
  • Overall potential
    • Novelty of the technology/science
    • Defined IP and regulatory pathways
  • Financial state of the company
    • Defined funding strategy
    • Financial strength

How to apply

Step 1: Complete the application form at the bottom of this page.
Step 2: You will be contacted within 6-8 weeks by a member of the selection committee. Initial review of applicants will begin February 15, 2018.

Deadline extended to March 1, 2018

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Director, MerckInvents@ TEC Edmonton

About MerckInvents@ TEC Edmonton

MerckInvents@ TEC Edmonton is a new health care technology accelerator program residing at TEC Edmonton, with access to newly constructed wet lab and office space in the heart of Edmonton’s innovation corridor. As an inaugural initiative pioneered by Merck Research Labs, TEC Edmonton and the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, University of Alberta, MerckInvents@ TEC Edmonton aspires to maximize the success of emerging health technologies to save and improve lives around the world. MerckInvents@ TEC Edmonton is recruiting an experienced innovation advocate who has the ability to grow the MerckInvents@ TEC Edmonton program into an internationally recognized health accelerator.

About the position

Founded in its strong business and research environment, Edmonton is establishing itself as fruitful ground for world-class health technology development. The Director of the MerckInvents@ TEC Edmonton program will play an essential role in building the program from the ground up and in mentoring and facilitating the growth of emerging health technology companies from Canada and beyond. The MerckInvents@ TEC Edmonton Director will be a passionate supporter of health innovation, tasked with creating a world-class accelerator program that attracts and supports transformative health companies. Reporting directly to the MerckInvents@ TEC Edmonton Governance Committee, the Director will be responsible for implementing the program and supporting the success of participating health companies and health entrepreneurs.


• Strategic leadership: Develop and realize the strategic vision of the MerckInvents@ TEC Edmonton program.

• Business leadership: create and implement a robust company recruitment strategy that will attract highly qualified health companies and health entrepreneurs into the program.

• Operational leadership: implement the MerckInvents@ TEC Edmonton business plan, mentor participating companies and entrepreneurs, and develop and support company growth plans.

• Financial stewardship: successfully implement the Merck-Invents budget

• Organizational leadership: identify key program risks and implement appropriate mitigation strategies.

• Support the MerckInvents@ TEC Edmonton Governance Committee in the implementation of all of the program objectives. • Nurture and facilitate growth opportunities for incubator companies.

• Establish and maintain strong working relationships with commercialization related agencies and strategic partners. Job Location

• The position will be located in downtown Edmonton, Alberta at TEC Edmonton in Enterprise Square. Requirements


• Graduate degree, MBA/professional designation, or equivalent preferred.

• Proven extensive experience in knowledge-based industries required.

• High level of strategic thinking and analytical capabilities.

• Demonstrated ability to develop and maintain relationships with and inspire diverse stakeholders including industry CEOs, external community and government officials.

• Track record of achievement across a diversity of initiatives and projects.

How to apply

Send resume and cover letter to


We invite you to apply to become a MerckInvents@ TEC Edmonton resident by submitting NON-CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION ONLY. The information you provide will only be used to contact you regarding your application to the MerckInvents@ TEC Edmonton program and to invite a strategic plan for consideration for acceptance into the program.

This program is made possible by funding from Western Economic Diversification Canada and the Alberta Merck Innovation (AMI) in Health Fund, a larger collaboration between Merck Canadathe University Hospital Foundation and the Government of Alberta Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.

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