Group sales for sports or other ticketed events have always been problematic.

The organizer must chase the group members for commitment, payment and then arrange ticket  distribution. Meanwhile, the sports team is missing out on building its data base of customer names and contact information. All the club knows is that 30 tickets have been sold.

Enter Edmonton’s M31 Design Group, an information technology company formed by the Fath Group of Companies to provide sports clubs, specifically Fath’s FC Edmonton soccer team, with sports management software and programs.

“We saw an opportunity,” says M31 Manager Eric Fath-Kolmes, “helping groups get to events in an easier fashion.”

GoAsAGroup is a software program designed and built by M31. GoAsAGroup can be used with existing sales programs for group sales, but with each of the group members purchasing, paying for and receiving his or her own tickets.

For the organization issuing the tickets, each name and pertinent information can be added to its fan data base.

TEC Edmonton conducted market research on behalf of M31 and came up positive. Indeed a world-wide market existed for the product. TEC is now assisting M31 in the formation of a multi-year marketing and business sales plan for GoAsAGroup and other M31 products..

M31 has the advantage, for a startup company, of being a sister company and IT supplier to an existing sports organization, thus having access to a “living laboratory”.

“We’ve had a few years of alpha and beta versions, of seeking user feedback,” says Fath-Kolmes. “We’ve been through a few name changes (Group Playbook, Redshift Group, now GoAsAGroup). With TEC Edmonton’s help, we are close to roll-out.”