Surgical Kinematic Capture System


The Surgical Kinematic Capture System is a new device that objectively assesses open surgery skills, and that supports open surgery training by providing real-time feedback to a trainee performing a surgical task.  The system records and combines data from hand and finger motions, position and pressure applied to surgical instruments, the surgeon’s gaze direction and traditional video footage.  It thereby generates a comprehensive data set of an individual’s performance during surgical training tasks.  It further calculates key performance indices by automatic segmentation of the acquired data.    It could also record the individual actions of a surgeon during a surgical intervention.  The data can then be used to confirm the proper execution of a procedure. The system could thus act as a “flight recorder” for the operating room.

The system has the potential to address various challenges such as objectivity of skills assessment.  Currently, medical students are assessed through observation of experts when performing open surgery maneuvers, which is inherently subjective.  The use of the Surgical Kinematic Capture System in medical education can eliminate this subjectivity as it acquires and evaluates an objective data set in real time, such as eye-hand coordination of complex bimanual tasks.  Also, quality control in an operating room setting could be improved by recording of motion data during a surgical intervention.  Medical and veterinary schools as well as hospitals are possible end users of the system.


The system allows for:

  • Precise and efficient acquisition and analysis of data relating to surgical performance and operating room maneuvers.
  • Objective skills assessment of trainees performing open surgery.
  • Expedited training of medical students in open surgery tasks through immediate feedback on elemental maneuvers.
  • Improved patient care through a new approach to quality control in the operating room.

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Surgical Kinematic Capture System

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