Smart Liner For Pipeline Protection And Remote Monitoring


Pipelines in the petrochemical industry are prone to leaks. Canadian control rooms could only detect 20 out of the 128 leaks over the past two years. Currently used technologies such as resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) or thermocouples are prone to errors. Fiber optic technologies utilizing Brillouin scattering or Raman scattering have short sensing ranges, are very expensive and rely on a change in temperature in the soil when there is a leakage; so the leak remains undetected if the fluid and ground temperatures are close. Existing pipeline strain and stress measurement techniques involving strain gauges, X-ray diffraction or ultrasound are also expensive, labour intensive and time consuming. Some methods even require plants to shutdown to send in sensors that determine the structural condition of the pipeline. This is a very expensive process in terms of equipment cost and operation loss due to the shutdown. Thus, there is a need for a method to monitor pipelines remotely and in real time to protect our environment from gas or oil leakage before they happen.

Our technology is an internal pipeline liner with sensors embedded in the liner. The liner itself is capable of protecting the pipe from corrosion, abrasion and erosion-induced wear, and can provide remote monitoring capabilities provided by the sensors. The multiplexed Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors offer distributed temperature, strain and pressure measurements throughout the length of the pipeline to detect and locate leaks.



  • Offers added protection against corrosion and erosion inside the pipeline
  • Superior sensitivity and response time enabled by embedded FBG sensors inside the pipeline
  • Offers real time remote monitoring of temperature, strain and pressure inside the pipeline for integrity analysis
  • Can detect and locate pipeline degradation/leaks to protect the environment

Potential Markets

The invention represents a valuable opportunity for use in integrity monitoring and protection of pipelines

Protection Status

Patent pending

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Mandira Das
Technology Management Group
TEC Edmonton – University of Alberta
Phone: 780-492-9123