Novel SERS-Based Biosensing Platform for Prostate Cancer


Researchers at the University of Alberta have developed biogenic silver nanoparticles which can be used as plasmonic labels for enhanced spectroscopy applications. The nanoparticles can be modified with Raman active molecules either in situ or post production. The detection platform for biosensing targets the AR-V7 biomarker for metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer. The platform predicts patient response to two hormonal therapies allowing for individualized treatment guidance, avoiding ineffective treatments and improving patient’s quality of life. The modified nanoparticles afford high sensitivity to the biosensing platform.


  • Synthesis of biogenic nanoparticles is cost-effective
  • Modification improves stability of nanoparticles
  • The platform can also be modified for application in pharmaceutical quantitative analysis, identity verification of raw materials and handheld detection in toxicology


Potential Markets

We are seeking diagnostic companies for collaborative development and licensing.

Protection Status

Patent pending

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Contact Information

Megha Bajaj
Technology Management Group
TEC Edmonton – University of Alberta
Phone: 780-492-7739