Novel Composite Monolith as a New Solid Phase Extraction Material for Environmental Analysis


University of Alberta researchers have developed a new material of a composite silica monolith nested in sponge (SiMNS) for solid phase extraction. The application of the new SiMNS material has been demonstrated in trace analysis of environmental contaminants in water. The material is mechanically flexible and allows for production of solid phase extraction cartridges of desirable sizes and shapes without frits. The surface properties of SiMNS can be fine-tuned for applications in environmental, food and biological analysis in a cost-effective manner.

LiccOpp SiMNS 20190328 final


  • Simplified production method for SiMNS solid phase extraction cartridges
  • Synthesis of SiMNS is easy to scale up and cost-effective
  • Surface properties of SiMNS can be modified for specific applications
  • High mechanical flexibility compared to pure silica monoliths


Potential Markets

We are seeking analytical testing companies and manufacturers of analytical instruments for collaborative development and licensing.

Protection Status

Patent Pending

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Contact Information

Megha Bajaj
Technology Management Group
TEC Edmonton – University of Alberta
Phone: 780-492-7739