Novel Cell Isolation Method for Bio-engineering Artificial Cartilage


University of Alberta researchers have developed a new method to isolate cells from knee joint (meniscus). The isolated cells are non-contractile in nature and do not form scar tissue. This method overcomes the challenge of size reduction associated with conventional tissue engineering process. This technology may provide functional engineered tissue replacements in patients predisposed to post-traumatic knee osteoarthritis (PTOA).

According to the Arthritis Foundation of United States, knee osteoarthritis contributes more than $27 billion in health care expenditures annually. The current tissue engineering implantations for knee OA are susceptible to tumor-like abnormalities due to mutations or epigenetic changes. Therefore, developing novel strategies for bioengineered cartilage for irreparable knee are important to lower the risk of developing knee OA.



  • Isolated cells do not form scar tissue
  • Method can be adapted to make 3D bio-printed tissue grafts of specific dimensions


Potential Markets

We are seeking advanced cell therapy companies and regenerative biotechnology companies for collaborative development and licensing.

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Patent Pending

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Technology Management Group
TEC Edmonton – University of Alberta
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