Spinal fusion procedure is a surgical technique used to eliminate abnormal motion of the spine by combining two or more vertebrae. In 2006, approximately 450,000 spinal fusion procedures were performed in the United States alone. Posterior spine distractors are used to access the intervertebral disc space as to allow insertion of intervertebral implant in such procedure. Current posterior spine distractors are large and often require a greater surgical exposure, and are inefficient. The novel introducer for intervertebral implant is simple, and superior for the distraction of intervertebral space while protecting surrounding nerves and endplate structures. The device has been used successfully to insert implant into intervertebral disc space during posterior interbody fusion procedures.



  • Smaller size of the device necessitate a smaller surgical incision or minimally invasive procedure
  • Serves as a measurement tool to ensure correct depth placement of a implant
  • Provides superior protection to the nerve structure and endplates to avoid critical complications


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This license opportunity may be of interest to companies involved in the spine surgery tool market.


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