A novel technique for stem-cell storage and preservation


Cryopreservation is a core enabling technology for the transplantation of natural and engineered cells and tissues. Successful transplantation of human cells is critically dependent on the number of functional cells transplanted. The current gold-standard in cell preservation, however, relies on cryoprotectants, chemicals that reduce damage to the cells during cooling, storage, and rewarming, but which often lead to sub-optimal cell survival and recovery. The cryoprotectant currently used for blood stem cell preservation, dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) is less than ideal becuase fo its potential health consequences for transplant patients, but it`s widespread use continues because no practical alternatives currently exist to facilitate these potentially life-saving stem-cell therapies. CryoSim is a research tool used to elucidate freezing protocols for cells. This technology enables cells to be frozen without DMSO, and offer superior cell preservation. The CryoSim program has been used successfully collect, freeze, and thaw stem cell cultures, and has demonstrated high cell survival and recovery.


The CryoSim system • Eliminates the use of cryoprotectants in cell preservation, avoiding patient exposure • Produces cell-specific freezing protocols that can be embedded within freezing devices

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This license opportunity may be of interest to cord blood preservation and stem cell companies as there is a large market need for improved cryoprotection technology.

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