A Novel Method to Produce Pitched Kefir for Reducing Cholesterol


Researchers at the University of Alberta and TEAGASC have jointly developed a pitched-based method to produce kefir (a fermented milk beverage) that when consumed reduces blood cholesterol levels. The method uses a combination of bacterial and yeast strains. The Pitched kefir reduces adverse metabolic outcomes associated with a high-fat western diet and outperforms commercially available kefir.



  • Pitched kefir outperforms commercial kefir in reducing blood cholesterol levels.
  • Improves HDL:LDL cholesterol ratios
  • Fermentation method viable for large-scale production.
  • Less complex microbial mixture than commercially available kefir
  • Culmination of multiple microorganism combination testing

Potential Markets

We are seeking probiotic food companies for collaborative development and licensing.

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Patent Pending

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Megha Bajaj
Technology Management Group
TEC Edmonton – University of Alberta
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