The deadline to enter the all-Alberta 2015 VenturePrize Business Plan Competition is just days away! Entries must be submitted by midnight, Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015, including a business plan for your company.

Up for grabs is over $200,000 in prizes, for any innovation-based start-up or early stage Alberta company – even for companies that are not yet incorporated.

VenturePrize is far more than a competition, though the $200,000 in prizes, publicity and immediate investor interest sweetens that pot.

VenturePrize is about answering your questions, helping you refine and develop your all-important business plan.

VenturePrize is about business plan feedback, media exposure, networking, mentorship and education.

All contestants are invited to attend a series of VenturePrize business planning educational seminars, pick and work with an experienced business mentor, and receive professional feedback from the jury on your plan.

Contestants can also attend a two-day TEC Edmonton’s Business Basics for Entrepreneurs (BBFI) workshop, custom-tailored to your needs. In Southern Alberta, the workshop is offered by Innovate Calgary’s Innovator’s Toolkit series.

It all culminates in the VenturePrize Awards and Dinner, April 29, 2015 at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton. The finalists in the two categories, and in the student competition, make their final pitches to the judges that evening, with the winners announced shortly thereafter that same evening.

Says VenturePrize 2006 winner Chris Laboissiere, with his then-fledgling company Leading Edge, now Yardstick Software. “We received forthright, blunt criticisms and assessments from mentors, juries and our peers. It was really good stuff. If you can’t accept scrutiny, don’t start a business.”

To learn more about VenturePrize, please visit www. Ventureprize.com
For particular information, don’t hesitate to call VenturePrize producer Kendel Ferrier at 780-492-8857 or email Kendel at

Who Can Participate
Entrants must be an individual, team, or company that has:
1. A viable, high-growth business concept.
2. At least one person living, working or attending school in Alberta.
3. If entering as a new company, the company must be operational within one year.
4. If entering as an existing company, the majority of operations must occur in Alberta, have fewer than 20 full-time employees, less than $1 million in annual revenue, less than $2 million in capitalization.
5. Previous winners are not eligible for re-entry. Student winners, however, may enter the non-student categories.

“My advice to startup companies?” says Meghan Dear, Founder and CEO of 2014 VenturePrize Winner Localize Your Food. “Do it! Enter VenturePrize! Even if you stumble and fall, you’ll learn so much. Then get up, and enter again!”