Enterprise Square

In honour of International Women’s Day, we recognize the important contributions women make to Canada’s technology and innovation space as well as seek to understand how to better serve the women currently occupying the space.

This report from Carleton University outlines how contributions from women to Canada’s innovation space can benefit the nation, and how to address existing knowledge gaps.

We asked some of the women from TEC Edmonton to weigh in on their experiences. Here’s what they had to say:

Lan Tan, Director of Entrepreneurship Development

“To inspire more female entrepreneurs to join the technology innovation community, I would like to see more female entrepreneurs as role models to inspire the girls early on as well as other aspiring female entrepreneurs that anything is possible. Seeing the successes of these women will inspire them that they too can achieve success in the highly competitive environments.”

Aggie Mikulski, Business Consultant

“Attract young women by fuelling their passion to make a difference.  Show them how career choices in innovation positively transform our society. Focus on highlighting a wide variety of female role models.  Promote role model profiles from across industries, SME and MNE settings as well as academic and public sectors.  Aptitude and ability are only one part of the success equation.  Attitude is the other critical piece. Thus, assist women in persevering and breaking through the glass ceiling by facilitating access to dedicated mentors and sponsors.  Support networks are a critical component of maintaining well-being and reaching success.”

Lauren Mercier, Business Development Specialist

“Encourage women to grow their business and become spokes-”people” for the female entrepreneur community. Alberta is lacking in the number of women who grow their businesses, and perhaps this is where we can focus our support. We could help them by providing a support system, whether that is education (ie business, marketing, international expansion, etc.), mentorship/guidance, networking, or financial support, that will give them the confidence to take the risk.”