We know that in the last five years, TEC Edmonton has helped form 22 spinoff companies form, bringing their innovations one step closer to commercialization. But how much do we know about where these innovations start? TEC Edmonton’s annual Innovation Makes Sense event celebrates where innovations originate, which is the researchers from the University of Alberta.



Last week for the fourth year in a row, TEC Edmonton celebrated patent awards to researchers and their teams, as well as achievement awards for four newly-formed University of Alberta spinoff companies.


Dr. Walter Dixon of the University of Alberta Vice President (Research) Office

Jay Haugen of Dentons

Representatives from TEC Edmonton, Edmonton Economic Development Corporation, University of Alberta’s Office of the Vice-President Research, Government of Alberta, and Dentons Canada all joined to help recognize the achievements of researchers who work hard to put Alberta on the map for innovative achievements.

Cheryl Watson of EEDC

Jay Kumar, TEC Edmonton’s Vice-President of Technology Management pointed out that 419 patents have been issued to the University of Alberta in the last 10 years, and that the University of Alberta comes in second in Canada for U.S. patents issued. These are no small achievements, and are all due to the strong culture of research and innovation that is cultivated at the University of Alberta.

Jay Kumar of TEC Edmonton

Dr. David Bressler, Director of the Biorefining Conversions Network and Professor in the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences, gave a keynote address that focused on how research drives innovation, using his own venture, Forge Hydrocarbons, as an example.

Dr. David Bressler of Forge Hydrocarbons and the University of Alberta, Faculty of ALES

In total, six faculties were represented by the patent and spinoff award recipients, with innovations ranging from clean energy to health to engineering. The recognitions also represented years of hard work and support by research teams, funders, and partners.

Thank you to all who came out to celebrate the work of University of Alberta researchers and the culture of innovation and commercialization in the region.



All patent and spinoff achievement award recipients