Innovation Awards

What are the Innovation Awards?

Since 2013, the Innovation Awards (formerly known as Innovation Makes Sense) has honoured the University of Alberta researchers, their groundbreaking technologies and the commercialization community that has helped bring their innovations from out of the lab and into the world.

Hosted by TEC Edmonton (the commercialization agent for UAlberta), the Innovation Awards feature an awards ceremony that presents awards to those researchers who successfully received a patent for their technology that year, and who successfully created a spin-off company from the university.

The event showcases some of UAlberta’s best and brightest innovators, and their achievements that are poised to improve our quality of life and build a strong economic future for Alberta.

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2017 Patent Award Recipients

  • Dr. Clover Bench | Dr. Al Schaefer (Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences)
  • Dr. Robert Campbell | Dr. Jed Harrison (Faculty of Science)
    Team: Yongxin Zhao, Adam Cohen, Daniel Hochbaum, Peng Zou,
    Samouil Farhi
  • Dr. David Evans (Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry)
    Team: Don Gammon
  • Dr. Gino Fallone (Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry)
    Team: Brad Murray, Tony Tadic
  • Dr. Mario Feldman (Faculty of Science)
    Team: Amirreza Faridmoayer
  • Dr. Michael Houghton | Dr. Lorne TyrrellDr. Amir Landi (Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry)
    Team: Michael Manns, Tim Lankisch, Tobias Weismueller
  • Dr David Mitlin (Faculty of Engineering)
    Team: Chris Holt, Zhi Li, Huanlei Wang, Zhanwei Xu
  • Dr. Walied Moussa (Faculty of Engineering)
    Team: Dr. David Benfield
  • Dr. Feral Temelli (Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences)
    Team: Bernhard Seifried
  • Dr. Robert Wolkow (Faculty of Science)
    Team: Gino Dilabio, Jason Pitters, Paul Piva

2017 Spin-off Companies


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WiDyne Technologies Inc.

Patents open for collaboration

For more information on patent collaboration opportunities, please contact Jay Kumar, Vice-President, Technology Management at 

  • Patent 9,433,787: Flexible-base electrode array and surrogate neural tissue
    Team: Drs. Anastasia Elias, Walied Moussa, Vivian Mushahwar, Kathryn Todd,
    Imad Khaled, Cheng Cheng
  • Patent 9,397,561: Frequency dependent analog boost converter for low voltage applications
    Team: Drs. Douglas Barlage, Lhing Gem Kim Shoute
  • Patent 9,567,502: Polymers and plastics derived from animal proteins
    Team: Drs. David Curtis Bressler, Phillip Choi
  • Patent 9,431,612: Methods for tailoring electrode work function using interfacial
    modifiers for use in organic electronics
    Team: Drs. Jillian Buriak, Qun Chen, Brian Worfolk
  • Patent 9,399,653: Methods and systems for preparing irreversible inhibitors
    of protein tyrosine phosphatases
    Team: Drs. Christopher Warren Cairo, Alan Michael Downey, Naresh Singh Tulsi
  • Patent 9,250,119: Apparatus and method for characterizing adhesive bonding
    and osseointegration
    Team: Drs. Edmond Lou, Mohamed El Gowini, Walied Moussa
  • Patent 9,239,226: Apparatus and method for measuring the quantity and
    optical parameters of a liquid in a container using the principle of optical
    low coherence reflectometry
    Team: Drs. Robert Fedosejevs, Ying Tsui, Ilya Utkin, Sunita Sindhu
  • Patent 9,526,775: Glycoengineered outer membrane vesicles and use thereof as vaccines
    Team: Drs. Mario Feldman, Maria Ielmini, Nancy Price, Fatima Garcia-Quintanilla
  • Patent 9,284,270: Boronic acid catalysts and methods of use thereof for activation
    and transformation of carboxylic acids
    Team: Drs. Raed Al-Zoubi, Dennis Hall, Nicolas Gernigon, Paul Thornton

  • Patent 9,474,629: End plate slider/distractor for posterior intervertebral device and method
    Team: Dr. Jiang Hongxing
  • Patent 9,529,062: Metamaterial liners for high-field-strength traveling-wave
    magnetic resonance imaging
    Team: Drs. Ashwin Iyer, Justin Pollock, Nicola de Zanche
  • Patent 9,274,276: Light confining devices using all-dielectric metamaterial cladding
    Team: Drs. Zubin Jacob, Saman Jahani
  • Patent 9,488,645: Cell-based microarrays and methods of use
    Team: Drs. R. Chris Bleackley, Kevin Kane, Jianhui Rong
  • Patent 9,441,237: Auxin receptors
    Team: Drs. Dennis Reinecke, Courtney Nadeau, Jocelyn Ozga
  • Patent 9,376,627: Ore froth processing
    Team: Drs. Michael Lipsett, Jilu Feng, Benoit Rivard
  • Patent 9,315,563: Peptides that inhibit angiotensin converting enzyme and
    peptides with antioxidant activity purified from ovotransferrin and methods
    of producing and using the same
    Team: Drs.Kaustav Majumder, Jianping Wu
  • Patent 9,522,515: Adhesives derived from agricultural proteins
    Team: Drs. Chan Chan Wang, Jianping Wu
  • Patent 9,403,870: Methods of phosvitin extraction and phosphopeptide
    preparation from egg yolk
    Team: Drs. Bo Lei, Jiandong Ren, Jianping Wu
  • Patent 9,452,446: Method for depositing silicon nanocrystals in hollow fibers
    Team: Drs. Pablo Bianucci, Al Meldrum, Jose Roberto Rodriguez, Jonathan Veinot

Past Innovation Awards

  • Dr. Alexey Atrazhev (Oncology) and Dr. Jason Acker (Laboratory Medicine & Pathology)
  • Dr. Steven Bergens (Chemistry)
  • Dr. David Bressler (Agriculture, Food & Nutritional Science) and Dr. Phillip Choi (Chemical and Materials Engineering)
  • Dr. David Bressler (Agriculture, Food & Nutritional Science)
  • Dr. Jonathon Curtis (Agriculture, Food & Nutritional Science)
  • Dr. Raymond DeCorby (Electrical & Computer Engineering)
  • Dr. Ing Swie Goping (Biochemistry), Dr. John Mackey (Oncology) and Dr. Alan Underhill (Oncology)
  • Dr. Greg Kawchuk (Physical Therapy)
  • Dr. Piyush Kumar (Oncology), Dr. Leonard Wiebe (Oncology), Dr. Alexander McEwan (Oncology)
  • Dr. Afsaneh Lavasanifar (Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences)
  • Dr. Chris Le (Laboratory Medicine & Pathology), Hongquan Zhang (Laboratory Medicine & Pathology) and Dr. Xing-Fang Li (Laboratory Medicine & Pathology)
  • Dr. Xing-Fang Li (Laboratory Medicine & Pathology)
  • Dr. Richard McCreery (Chemistry)
  • Dr. Locksley McGann (Laboratory Medicine & Pathology) and Dr. Janet Elliot (Chemical and Materials Engineering)
  • Dr. David Mitlin (Wallace H. Coulter School of Engineering, Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Clarkson University; formerly Faculty of Engineering, Department of Chemical & Materials, University of Alberta
  • Dr. Jason Olfert (Department of Mechanical Engineering)
  • Dr. Simonetta Sipione (Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry)
  • Dr. Christine Szymanski (Faculty of Science)
  • Dr. Michael Weinfeld (Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry) and Dr. Dennis Hall (Faculty of Science)Dr. Lori West (Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry)
  • Dr. Robert Wolkow (Faculty of Science)
  • Dr. Usha Hemraz (Formerly Postdoctoral Research Fellow) and Dr. Hicham Fenniri (Formerly Faculty of Science)
  • Dr. Nadr Jomha (Medicine & Dentistry), Dr. Locksley McGann (Medicine & Dentistry) and Dr. Janet Elliott (Engineering)
  • Dr. Dileepan Joseph (Engineering)
  • Dr. Steven Kuznicki (Engineering)
  • Dr. Richard McCreery (Science)
  • Dr. Vivian Mushahwar (Medicine & Dentistry)
  • Dr. Luis Schang (Medicine & Dentistry)
  • Dr. Robert Wolkow (Science)
  • Dr. Burim Ametaj (Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences)
  • Dr. Tayfun Babadagli (Engineering)
  • Dr. Carol E. Cass (Medicine & Dentistry) and Dr. James D. Young (Medicine & Dentistry)
  • Dr. Jonathan J. Dennis (Science) and Dr. Warren H. Finlay (Engineering)
  • Dr. Michael Doschak (Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences)
  • Dr. David Evans (Medicine & Dentistry)
  • Dr. Dennis Hall (Science)
  • Dr. James Harynuk (Science)

10 Pi Corp (Alberta Innovates Centre for Machine Learning)


AltaCarbon Inc.

Quantum Silicon Inc. (QSi)