Benign prostatic hyperplasia may not sound familiar, but it affects 50 per cent of men over the age of 50. This condition is characterized by an enlarged prostate and causes uncomfortable urinary tract symptoms that affect men’s quality of life.

The condition isn’t preventable, but can be treated with IMBiotechnologies Ltd’s new medical device, EkobiTM Embolization Microspheres. Approved by Health Canada, EkobiTM treats enlarged prostates through artery embolization, a non-surgical technique that uses tiny beads to selectively block blood flow to the portion of the prostate that puts pressure on the urethra. As a result, the urinary tract symptoms improve. In addition to lowering urinary tract symptoms, EkobiTM   can also treat hypervascularized tumours such as liver and kidney cancers.

With a life-changing product in tow, IMBiotechnologies leveraged Edmonton’s regional innovation network to accelerate product development. Through press releases announcing 510(k) FDA clearance and intellectual property and market assessments through Alberta Innovates’ voucher programs, EkobiTM is now for sale in Canada and the USA.

Today, IMBiotechnologies is conducting a clinical study at the University of Alberta to treat uterine fibroids, a benign tumour that affects over 60 per cent of women over the age of 45. Unlike the permanent implants currently on the market, EkobiTM microspheres are biodegradable and detectable by ultrasound, providing a unique and enhanced level of safety.

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