We all know that being an entrepreneur can be isolating. How do you know if your business is on the right track – should you pivot, keep going or change direction altogether? Sometimes you just need a second (or third) opinion on your next move.

This is where an action plan comes in handy: a short blueprint that maps out where you stand, what you need help to achieve, and what your next steps should be. For your company, this might mean finding financing, launching a product or protecting your intellectual property. Our in-house experts create completely free action plans that can:

  • Help develop a clear plan for how to advance your business
  • Provide clarity around how we can help beyond that
  • Tell you how other service providers in the region can help.

To get your own action plan, start by contacting us. You’ll receive an initial assessment and if you meet the criteria, you’ll be assigned to an Executive in Residence or Technology Management Officer who will work with you to develop your personalized action plan.

Once you get your action plan, we’ll ask you to provide us with feedback to improve the process. From there, we’ll either wish you much success on your entrepreneurial path, continue to work with you, or refer you to one of our innovation service providers. So – how can we help?