GO Technologies’ Moisture Skid Unit

Perhaps it’s a good thing when a new product is a little ahead of its time.

GO Technologies’ “Moisture Skid Unit” is an inexpensive, small-scale unit that captures “waste” natural gas in oil fields where a small portion of natural gas is naturally mixed with the oil flowing up from underground formations.

The unit ingeniously feeds the gas from the oil head into its system, measures the amount, scents it (with stinky  mercaptan to detect leakage) and pushes it into a low-pressure gas line to augment natural gas supplies to customers near the wellhead.

In the old days, unwanted natural gas would simply be flared, or vented off into the atmosphere. But as environment standards and regulations improve, flaring is no longer allowed, and wells not disposing of excess gas in a responsible manner are being shut down.

As regulations tighten up, well companies must now have solutions ready to go, or run the risk of being shut down. GO Technologies’ M160 natural-gas capture unit is ready to go, with three years of continuous improvement since the prototype, with patents pending in both Canada and the USA.

“Before, a new well was given some lead-time before flaring/venting regulations were reinforced,” says GO Technologies’ co-founder Greg O’Hare. “Now the well owner has to have a gas-removal plan in place before the well is drilled. We expect to sell 15 to 20 units by the end of this year.”

GO Technologies, (located in Kitscoty, Alberta, east of Edmonton), is most grateful for TEC Edmonton’s assistance.

“We knew we had good technology,” says O’Hare. “But (co-founder) Scott Pratt is an electrician, and I was a gasfitter. We needed business guidance on how to best bring this technology to market. We were put in touch with TEC Edmonton. TEC Executive-in-Residence Shaheel Hooda had the business experience to pinpoint our weaknesses, help us find our market niche and put us in front of the right people. We wouldn’t be close to where we’re sitting today, if it wasn’t for TEC Edmonton.”