University of Alberta molecular sieve expert Dr. Steve Kuznicki has worked with TEC Edmonton on many fronts.

TEC helped Dr. Kuznicki establish Extraordinary Adsorbents Inc., to commercialize three proven Kuznicki separation processes, all holding great promise as cleaner, greener, safer, faster and cheaper processes than existing separation technology. The company’s TEC Centre lab is about ramping up production of Kuznicki’s separation agents, from laboratory ounces to industry tonnage.

EX_02Among other uses, Kuznicki’s processes can capture methane produced from landfills, remove harmful radio-isotopes from nuclear effluent and efficiently separate pure oxygen from air. His many world-wide patents (52 in the USA alone) are attracting interest and developmental funding from private industry.

TEC’s Technology Management group has assisted the professor/inventor with commercialization of other inventions pertaining to selective separation of targeted molecules, including American patenting.

“Thanks to TEC Edmonton, we’re now an operating company with three full-time and two part-time employees,” says Kuznicki.

“The TEC Centre itself is a great service, it helps us meet our physical requirements. As a university spin-off company, we can now apply our work to commerce and to grow the Alberta economy in both energy and pollution abatement areas,” adds Extraordinary Adsorbents’ Technical Manager Daniel Kuznicki.

Join University of Alberta researchers like Dr. Steve Kuznicki at “Innovation… Makes Sense” 2015 (October 8), TEC Edmonton’s annual celebration of university commercialization and innovation.

About TEC Centre

Extraordinary Adsorbents is just one of many Edmonton-based companies leveraging the facilities and services of the TEC Centre. The TEC Centre provides office, laboratory and small-scale manufacturing space to eligible early-stage clients, along with easy and convenient access to TEC experts and services.