What are the Innovation Awards?

Since 2013, the Innovation Awards (formerly known as Innovation Makes Sense) has honoured the University of Alberta researchers, their groundbreaking technologies and the commercialization community that has helped bring their innovations from out of the lab and into the world.

Hosted by TEC Edmonton (the commercialization agent for UAlberta), the Innovation Awards feature an awards ceremony that presents awards to those researchers who successfully received a patent for their technology that year, and who successfully created a spin-off company from the university.

  • Dr. David Bundle, Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry
    Team: Julie Guiard, Laurence Howells, John McGiven, Vijaya Ganesh Narayanaswamy
  • Dr. David Collins, Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport and Recreation
    Team: Gail Forrest, Susan Harkema
  • Dr. Ratmir Derda, Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry
    Team: Maribel Elizabeth Fu Huacca, Simon Ng, Katrina Tjhung
  • Dr. Michael Doschak, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
    Team: Krishna Bhandari, Yang Yang
  • Dr. Steven Kuznicki, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering
  • Dr. Raymond Lai, Dr. Todd McMullen, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathology & Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, Department of Surgery
  • Dr. Zhi Li, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Chemical & Materials Engineering
    Team: Chris Holt, Li Zhang, Dr. David Mitlin
  • Dr. David Olson, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
    Team: Nardhy Gomez-Lopez
  • Dr. Michael Weinfeld, Dr. Dennis Hall, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Department of Oncology & Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry
    Team: Feridoun Karimi-Busheri, Gary Freschauf, Todd Mereniuk
  • Dr. Clover Bench | Dr. Al Schaefer (Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences)
  • Dr. Robert Campbell | Dr. Jed Harrison (Faculty of Science)
    Team: Yongxin Zhao, Adam Cohen, Daniel Hochbaum, Peng Zou, Samouil Farhi
  • Dr. David Evans (Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry)
    Team: Don Gammon
  • Dr. Gino Fallone (Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry)
    Team: Brad Murray, Tony Tadic
  • Dr. Mario Feldman (Faculty of Science)
    Team: Amirreza Faridmoayer
  • Dr. Michael Houghton | Dr. Lorne Tyrrell | Dr. Amir Landi (Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry)
    Team: Michael Manns, Tim Lankisch, Tobias Weismueller
  • Dr. David Mitlin (Faculty of Engineering)
    Team: Chris Holt, Zhi Li, Huanlei Wang, Zhanwei Xu
  • Dr. Walied Moussa (Faculty of Engineering)
    Team: Dr. David Benfield
  • Dr. Feral Temelli (Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences)
    Team: Bernhard Seifried
  • Dr. Robert Wolkow (Faculty of Science)
    Team: Gino Dilabio, Jason Pitters, Paul Piva

University of Alberta spin-off companies

The University of Alberta is very supportive of spin-off companies created by researchers. Through its programs, TEC Edmonton assists UAlberta spin-offs in their early stages. While no two spin-off company situations are the same, TEC Edmonton follows a set of defined principles in structuring a spin-off company deal. These principles and our guide for creating spin-off companies can be found below.

Introduction to creating a UAlberta spinoff

5 principles for creating a UAlberta spinoff

  • 48Hour Discovery Inc.
  • Amplicet Inc.
  • BioImmuno Designs, Inc.
  • DenSonics Imaging Inc.
  • Electronic Medical Procedure Reporting Systems Inc.
  • illumiSonics Inc.
  • Molecular You Corporation
  • Nanolog Audio Inc.
  • OMx Personal Health Analytics (DrugBank)
  • Sensing Insights
  • Wellness Rx Inc.
  • MMHG
  • PFM Scheduling Services
  • Verte Track
  • WiDyne Technologies Inc.

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