Thursday October 31, 2019

9:00 am

Price $75

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One of the key reasons new customers choose and stay with your company is because of its brand identity – but what is a brand? How can you deliberately create and strengthen it? How can you ensure that it leaves a lasting impression on your clients?

Here is some of what we will cover:

  • What a brand really is
  • What customers really want from your brand
  • The core attributes every brand must have
  • The beginnings of creating a high impact brand for your business


Kurian Tharakan
Kurian has been assisting TEC clients with their go to market strategy since 2014. Kurian brings over 27 years of sales and marketing experience to his practice. Prior to TEC Edmonton, he founded StrategyPeak Sales and Marketing Advisors, a marketing strategy consulting firm, advising companies in numerous sectors including professional services, manufacturing, distribution, high technology, software, non-profit, medicine, and the life sciences. Preceding StrategyPeak, Mr. Tharakan was a vice-president sales & marketing for an Alberta-based software firm where his team achieved notable wins with several members of the US Fortune 500. Beyond advisory services, a significant portion of Kurian’s work involves teaching and writing on sales and marketing topics.