Entrepreneurial Training

Business Basics for Innovators (BBFI)

If you have made a discovery that will revolutionize your industry- if your company’s management team has identified a game-changing innovation that they want to commercialize- If you are a service provider who wants to accelerate your high-potential clients, then Business Basics for Innovators (BBFI) can help you. BBFI is a two-day hands-on session that helps entrepreneurs manage the decisions that will accelerate their companies. Using a unique methodology, BBFI is delivered exclusively at TEC Edmonton under the Business Basics for Innovators (BBFI) flagship program using The Growth Wheel™ framework. BBFI emphasizes planning for success: By the end of the BBFI session innovative entrepreneurs will have crafted 30-60-90 day action plans for their companies or new ventures.

BBFI 2-day Sessions (fee is $500 for the Friday & Saturday delivery covers the entire series)


Jan 16 & 17

Feb 20 & 21

Mar 20 & 21

May 8 & 9

June 26 & 27

July 17 & 18

Go To Market

TEC’s Go-To-Market programs facilitate assistance with marketplace development, product launch and revenue growth, beginning with a focused strategy and implementation plan. Example items for consultation include customer profiling, value proposition design, promotion and sales methods, and market entry paths.