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Entos Pharmaceuticals develops next generation genetic therapies using the Fusogenix drug delivery system. The technology is applicable to a wide range of therapeutic types including gene therapy, protein replacement, vaccines and gene editing. The Fusogenix Platform enables the creation of safe and effective nanomedicines for diseases such as cancer and COVID-19.


  • Signed a $109 million research, development and collaboration agreement for the development of novel therapeutic compounds targeting autoimmune and inflammatory diseases
  • Advanced the development of its lead prostate cancer therapeutic drug, OSX-001
  • Initiated the development of Covigenix, its DNA based vaccine against COVID-19
  • Established its clinical manufacturing facility at the Alberta Cell Therapy Manufacturing Centre at the University of Alberta
  • Raised $3 million in equity and $4.2 million non-dilutive funding to support the development of Covigenix


  • Merck Invention Accelerator

“Entos has found great value in the Merck Accelerator. The most important asset in the previous year for Entos is the relationship with Merck expertise, importantly in pre-clinical study design. The ability to present and get valuable feedback and advice on the design of our GLP toxicity studies has been a great asset. It is reassuring to have that opinion to confirm we are on the right track and the advice to help us improve the plan. We have
also benefited by being in the program as it has added additional credibility for our team. We look forward to continuing this relationship.”
– John Lewis, CEO, Entos Pharmaceuticals