The idea of Edmonton as “Canada’s Health City” has been around for a little over a year now, but what is  “health city” and what does it mean for Edmonton? That’s what was answered last Thursday, June 15, at the official launch of the Health City Initiative. From the overall strategy to specific goals to branding, the Health City was introduced to leaders in Edmonton’s business, academic, government and health community.

Edmonton’s business support network, robust integrated health system and large post-secondary community make it an advantageous place for health innovation to flourish. Creating a common, unifying strategy creates easy entry points for innovators and entrepreneurs to access the necessary resources for their projects to thrive.

The overarching vision of  Health City is that Edmonton is a world class health innovation city. The four main goals of the initiative were also introduced at the event:

  1. Foster a health innovation ecosystem that provides an unparalleled environment for success for health innovation and industry participants.
  2. Edmonton becomes a destination of choice for health innovators, leaders, entrepreneurs and researchers.
  3. Create a policy environment that accelerates the development and growth of the health innovation continuum, from discovery to commercialization and application.
  4. Accelerate access to finance, capital, and institutional investment whilst removing financial barriers to growth.
  5. Solidify Edmonton’s reputation as a leading health innovation ecosystem.


“Goals give us a way forward, but we need determination and disruption to bring the vision to life,” said Karen Wichuk, Executive Lead of Health City.

We’re up for the challenge.

TEC Edmonton is thrilled to be a partner organization. Learn more about the health city initiative here and the TEC Health Accelerator here.