1200x628 Frail Scale

From a health perspective, frailty is about having less resilience under stress. Frailty is a strong predictor of adverse outcomes in later years. An improved understanding of frailty leads to better decisions by individuals, families and care providers. The Edmonton Frail Scale (EFS) is a questionnaire to help care providers assess frailty, and thereby help individuals, their family and their care partners make decisions in line with
the individual’s overall life goals. The questionnaire takes about 5-10 minutes and is used to flag specific issues that warrant closer attention and follow up.

There is also an EFS toolkit that includes a training video, instruction manual and online training course. The COVID-19 pandemic created the need to offer the Edmonton Frail Scale-Acute Care version that could be administered virtually and in acute care settings. TEC arranged copyright registration and developed a licensing model to help facilitate adoption of the EFS by numerous individual researchers, clinics and large health organizations. As of March 2020, 29 licenses to the Edmonton Frail Scale had been concluded and demand for the EFS continues to grow.

Darryl Rolfson, Ross Tsuyukiand Adeel Tahir


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