1200x628 Dryrun

Dryrun Software, owned by LEVR Media Inc., provides a cloud-based cash flow forecasting, scenario planning and visualization platform for businesses. With multiple modelling options across different cash flow scenarios, the tool uses existing user data to make future cash flow predictions. Dynamic and highly visual, it can be easily integrated across common accounting platforms and allows multiple forecasting to map cash flow requirements. Fluidly transitioning across global currencies, Dryrun is transforming small businesses in 70 countries.


  • Changed primary target market to CPA firms that offer advisory services, due to COVID-19
  • Developing partnerships with major accounting and financial advisory firms
  • Invited to the Intuit Prosperity Accelerator Program
  • Developing new technology via the Accelerator that provides easy to access cash flow insights
  • Invited to the Connection Silicon Valley: Access to Global Capital program to prepare for a next round of financing
  • Added three team members in marketing, sales and customer onboarding in the last year.
  • Net capital access increased by >$850,000:
    • Closed $500,000 from Venture (Accelerate Fund II) and Canadian angels (valuation lift of ~50% from last round in early 2019
    • Received commercialization associates grant for new hire of $200,000


  • Action Plan
  • TEC Coach