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Edmonton-based DiveThru is helping young people take charge of their mental wellness with their various resources.

DiveThru is a mental wellness company that helps people DiveThru what they go thru. They work with mental health professionals and influential individuals to help people take charge of their mental wellbeing. From podcasts and articles, to online programs and newsletters, their tools support young people and their mental wellness.

Over the last six months, DiveThru has grown from a team of one to a team of 15 and expanded into becoming a media network. Over the last three months DiveThru:

  • Hired their first Head of Product
  • Attracted an advisor from the US who is experienced and connected in the media and brand partnership space
  • Launched a new podcast network and as of February 2021 reaches 6.6 million young people a month
  • Secured significant five-figure brand partnerships upon launching the podcast network

In addition, DiveThru is participating in the Connection Silicon Valley Access to Global Capital program.

As part of the TEC Coach program, DiveThru received help in:

  • Structuring the arrangement with the US advisor
  • Business modelling
  • Structuring deals with podcast influencers
  • Managing capital requirements

“TEC Edmonton was the first service provider I connected with when I launched my startup. In my first meeting, I was blown away by how supportive they were of both my product and me as a founder. It has been so helpful to connect with their advisors on a range of topics, from general business advisement to PR support. I’m so appreciative of the work TEC does and know first hand that they’re making an incredible impact on Edmonton’s startup ecosystem!”

– Sophie Gray, Founder & CEO, DiveThru