Direct C

Direct-C created a leak detection solution that provides unparalleled performance for the integrity monitoring of oil and gas infrastructure.

Direct-C created a coating that can be applied to any surface (pipeline, building, engine) requiring large area measurements for temperature, stress, strain, cracking and chemical exposure.

For oil leak sensing, the first commercial deployment of this coating, there are zero false positives, instant alerts and precise locations. This all leads to enhanced response times to unexpected incidents and increased oil asset operational safety.

“TEC Edmonton customized projects and allocated various expert resources to address the specific needs of Direct-C as it grew.”  – Adrian Banica, Direct-C

Fast Facts:

  • First European Union patent grant (February 2019).
  • First customer contract and commercial deployment (October 2018).
  • First U.S. patent granted (May 2019).

TEC Edmonton influence:

  • Human capital support (CEO services, corporate strategy advisor).
  • Accelerating Mining in Latin America program for information on doing business in Brazil.
  • Market assessments.
  • Advice for partnership structure, intellectual property.
  • TEC Centre tenant.