CQuest Partners LLC of Wellington, FL have acquired from the University of Alberta the global commercial development license to the patents and intellectual property that cover the processes that synthesize graphene-like carbon nanosheets from bio-precursors such as hemp fiber, peanut shells, and other organic matter.

Developed by Dr. David Mitlin(now of Clarkson University) and his team, these bio-derived carbon nanosheets (CNS) have demonstrated outstanding properties for applications in the energy storage market and beyond. Compared with graphene, graphite and other activated carbons, CNS show superior performance and capability at a fraction of the production costs. Simple, safe and inexpensive, CNS production from various agricultural products and waste can be readily scaled for commercial use. Their light weight, high surface area and ultra-high capacity when used for electrodes in batteries and supercapacitors have significant potential to make possible next-generation storage devices with higher energy and faster charge rates that could have a major impact on the future of renewable energy and energy storage.

CQuest Partners is joining with Dr. Mitlin to begin production of CNS and to develop additional IP related to this technology for a wide range of commercial applications. The market potential for CNS is enormous. Energy storage is increasingly crucial to industries including electronics, utilities, transit, military, automotive, aerospace, oil & gas, medicine, real estate and more. With applications for batteries, supercapacitors, fuel cells and hybrid devices of all sizes, CNS are perfectly suited to satisfy the demands of an industry that is aggressively pursuing designs and materials that improve performance, safety, and cost-effectiveness to meet the needs of a rapidly expanding market.

CQuest Partners was founded in March 2015 for the expressed purpose of pursuing this venture and is currently in the process of raising capital and building out its R&D and production facility in the vicinity of Clarkson University, Potsdam, NY.

For information related to investment or product licensing, contact CQuest Partners via Gary Charboneau – President || gary.charboneau@cquestpartners.com