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FOUNDER: Rod Precht

INDUSTRY: Healthcare

Exciton’s bandages and wound coverings, with a unique silver ingredient (Ag Oxysalts™) and a proprietary line of Exsalt® wound care products, are now being discovered by the global medical community. Silver Oxysalts technology is based on a unique compound containing higher oxidation states of silver (+2 and +3), which are more effective than lower states (0 and +1). Silver has a long history of safety and efficacy as a topical wound treatment.

As the company ramps up, Exciton’s wound-management technology is attracting attention as an innovative way to reduce pain and promote healing. Direct marketing, clinical research and the signings of major license and distribution agreements have caught everyone’s attention.

Exciton’s bandages and wound coverings, with a unique silver ingredient (Ag. Oxysalts) and a proprietary line of exsalt® wound care products, are now being discovered by the global medical community.

In 2016, the long-time TEC Edmonton client and TEC Centre tenant inked a pivotal expansion of its license agreement with the United Kingdom’s fastest-growing wound care company, Crawford Healthcare Ltd. Exciton remains the exclusive manufacturer to Crawford, requiring an expansion of its operation at TEC Edmonton to meet the increasing demand.


FOUNDERS: Dr. Luis Schang, Dr. Jack Tuszynski, Dr. Lorne Tyrrell, Dr. Michael Houghton, Dr. David Evans (not pictured)

INDUSTRY: Healthcare

Fourteen world-renowned virologists, their labs and research staff are gathered on one floor of the University of Alberta’s Katz Group Centre for Pharmacy and Health Research. Their mission at the Li Ka Shing Institute of Virology: to produce new knowledge to win the battle against virus-caused diseases like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, influenza and herpes.

Among the group’s sterling researchers are Dr. Lorne Tyrrell, inventor of the Hepatitis B vaccine, and the co-discoverer of the Hepatitis C virus, Dr. Michael Houghton.

To translate that knowledge into practical disease-fighting products, a new University of Alberta spin-off company Prophysis was created.

TEC Edmonton is assisting Prophysis with business development and market research, plus lending its patenting and licensing expertise to the company.

To date, two potential products have been patented. Dr. Luis Schang’s research into anti-viral compounds known as RAFIs could lead to treatment for a wide range of virus-caused afflictions. Patents have been granted in the USA, China and Japan, and are under examination in other jurisdictions. Dr. David Evans’ oncolytics program has proven effective in treating cancer tumours in animal models. The process has received a USA patent, and will now undergo regulatory review of its safety in humans.

Other potential Prophysis products include new anti-virals developed through advanced computer technology, processes to analyse drug toxicity, and new systems to diagnose liver diseases.

Forge Hydrocarbons

FOUNDER: David Bressler

INDUSTRY: Agriculture & Energy

University of Alberta researcher Dr. David Bressler’s patented waste-oil-to-diesel invention is coming to fruition. A pilot plant (a mini-refinery turning out 20 litres of pure diesel an hour) is now operational at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre of Excellence.

Parent company Forge Hydrocarbons is moving ahead with plans for a fully commercial refinery producing 60 to 80 million litres of diesel a year, all from used cooking and industrial oils – oils that would otherwise be nothing but waste.

Once the first plant is operational, more will be built across Canada close to supplies of used and/or waste oils. As the refining process is not capital-intensive, smaller refineries near feedstock make more economic sense than building one central plant.

Dr. Bressler has nothing but praise for the technology management and business development assistance he and Forge Hydrocarbons have received from TEC Edmonton.

CCW Energy Systems

FOUNDERS: Michael Lesanko, Lorne Tilby


CCW Energy Systems’ EnerSaver is readying for take-off. The market is ready, says Canadian Operations Manager David Melligan. And, with three EnerSaver models each tailored to specific market conditions, so is CCW Energy Systems.

The original EnerSaver – an electrical device designed for oil-field pumps – is installed between the power line and the oilfield pump in remote areas. When electricity travels long distances via transmission lines, it not only loses power but quality.

The EnerSaver cleans and smooths out the “dirty” power coming off the grid, thus substantially reducing electricity consumption by electrical motors at the wellhead. The original EnerSaver also captures energy from the pump jack, energy that can be returned to the grid where such programs exist.

Along the way, as the Edmonton-based company developed a technology marketing road map with TEC Edmonton, CCW realized a simplified Enersaver (minus the power-generating feature) would be equally attractive in the marketplace. CCW continues to develop new ways to reduce power consumption, while adding more clean energy options for industry.

Meanwhile, a third hybrid Enersaver model was developed that can provide its power-saving benefits without interfering with previously installed current control systems and well control software.

Internationally, the EnerSaver is undergoing approval for use in Oman and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.